The investor proceeded with construction of Filling station in Simferopol district

In Simferopol district, the investor started preparing a land plot for the construction of a trade and exhibition complex. The investment project initiated by «Feya» LLC. It is supported by the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea under the leadership of the Ministry of economic development of the Republic of Crimea.

The staff members of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea visited the investment site. It must be admitted that the  preparatory work is being carried out. It is planned that the project will include a complex of Filling stations and a shopping and office building. The amount of investment will be more than 108 million rubles;and taxes expected to be paid to the budget of the Republic of Crimea and the local budget for 10 years, starting from the date of implementation of the project − 31.6 million rubles.
The payback period of the project is 6.6 years.

Note, that the project for the construction of Filing stations must meet all sanitary and fire safety standards. However, no matter how strict the requirements and high competition. The implementation of a project in this field of activity is a profitable business. The main thing is to choose a good location and comply with the requirements of the law.

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