An investment project for the cultivation of cereals, legumes and oilseeds is being implemented in Dzhankoy district

In several villages of  Dzhankoy district, an investment project is being implemented for the cultivation of cereals, legumes and oilseeds with a total investment of more than 74 million rubles.

To date, «Ecoagroresurs» has already invested about 62 million rubles in the project. They have moved to the stage of practical implementation of the project on 12 land plots out of 16.

The specialists of Crimea Development Corporation visited the investor as part of a field inspection and noted a positive trend in the implementation of this initiative.
Thus, the investor purchased all the necessary agricultural machinery: combines, harvesters, tractors and other equipment. Wheat and other crops are grown on four land plots.

In accordance with the agreement on the implementation of the investment project, it is planned to create 21 jobs: 11 permanent and 10 seasonal. Over five years from the date of implementation, more than 8 million rubles of taxes will be paid to budgets of different levels.

In addition, investors plan to produce dry feed for livestock: straw and hay.

According to rural administrations, the investor is actively involved in the development of social infrastructure in the region.