Dmitry Sheryako: When implementing projects, the task is to help investors as much as possible

Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea Dmitry Sheryako reported about that, after the "Investor’s Hour".

The meeting discussed the implementation of 10 investment projects for the construction of hotel complexes, sports infrastructure, agriculture and an amusement park.

"An important condition for the implementation of investment agreements is the exact fulfillment of the calendar plan. If an investor needs help, adjustments, then dialogue is important here," Dmitry Sheryako said.

During the implementation of one of the investment projects for the construction of a campsite on the west coast, the investor had a question about the timing of the implementation of infrastructure facilities so that it would be possible to connect the construction object.

"Now, the work is being carried out in accordance with the state program. Gas, electricity and water supply systems will have to be delivered on time, so feel free to decide on the deadlines for the further implementation of the project," the minister said.

Representatives of the multifunctional sports complex also shared their successes in the implementation of the program. According to the speaker, the complex is at the final stage, social obligations are fulfilled fully. Now, 360 children are already training on the basis of the Children and Youth Sports School.

A representative of the agricultural sector shared good results and the pace of the project implementation.

"It is gratifying that Crimea continues to develop as an agrarian region. The revival of viticulture is good news. The first harvest is planned to be received in 3 years," Dmitry Sheryako said after communicating with the investor.

For the remaining projects, documents are being submitted for the conclusion of lease agreements, preparation of documentation, plots and infrastructure issues are being resolved. The parties held a constructive dialogue on all issues and outlined vectors for resolving issues.