The Figure of the day: 25 billion rubles of investment projects in agro-industrial complex

25 billion rubles of investment in the agro-industrial complex.

In difficult conditions, many people cannot cope with emotions and start to panic. Many are afraid of the prospect of closing the borders of the region that will lead to a food shortage.

However, we remind that the share of the agro-industrial complex in the Crimea accounts for more than 10% of GRP. Experts note that the region is fully provided with food products of its own production for food wheat, fruits and stone fruits.

Today, Crimea Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea is supporting 53 investment agreements in the agricultural sector with the amount of declared investments of about 25 billion rubles. The total number of jobs are 7,728.

Among the projects that are implemented according to a special procedure for working with investors are greenhouses, production of vegetables, fruits and berries, dairy and meat production, aquaculture - mussels, oysters, fisheries, as well as wine growing and winemaking.

It is worth noting that Crimea is one of the three regions in terms of the largest grape areas, along with Dagestan and Kuban.