0991 — Land plot №2 near the village Krasnoflotskoe
Site description
Sovetsky district, near the village Krasnoflotskoe
25,78 ha
Functional area in accordance with the general plan:
Agricultural use zone (CX-5 zone for placing agricultural production facilities of hazard class V).
Infrastructure (distance to the nearest work point with connectivity):
Gas supply – 0,2 km;
Electricity supply – 1,19 km;
Water supply – 2 km;
Sewerage – it is not available.
Transport availability:
"Krasnoflotskaya" railway station – 5,3 km;
Regional significance highway 35A-001 − 3,2 km;
Simferopol International Airport – 110 km;
Feodosia Seaport – 61 km.