existing agreements
Common indicators of the region
investment volume
126,2 billion RUB
январь-июль 2019 года
FEZ participants
for the entire period of the FEZ existence
415 billion RUB
Gross Regional Product
Investment volume
296 billion RUB
Investments in the Republic of Crimea
Fixed capital investment per capita
154,75 RUB/pers.
январь-июль 2019 года
29,2 thousand RUB
за весь период существования СЭЗ
Region area
27 000 km²
About region
68 place*
1,9 million people
25 place*
Life expectancy
38 place*
Growth of real cash income of the population
by 7,8%
2 place
*2018 year
The Crimea is a unique region of Russia with picturesque nature, traditions and investment potential.
The rich history of Crimea is more than 3,000 years old. Here you can see the ruins of historical cities, ancient monasteries, palaces of emperors. The favorable geographical position, climatic conditions, good ecology and other features make Crimea "The Pearl of Russia".

In March 2014, the Republic of Crimea has become part of the Russian Federation. Despite the difficult global political situation, the region managed to reach a qualitatively new level of socio-economic development.

Annually, the flow of tourists to the Peninsula is growing. Travelers are attracted by the Crimean landscapes, clean mountain air, wild natural places and reasonable prices. Active travelers will like the steep South Coast cliffs, fascinating peaks and natural beauty that had not even been touched. For admirer of values, it is suggested aristocratic palaces, picturesque streets of the South Coast. Having visited such place as the Crimea, you want to come back over and over.

The modern Crimea – it is a large "Construction site" of socially important and new infrastructure facilities: kindergartens, schools and medical centers. Modernization is taking place in all branches: from the industry and to the agriculture.

The Government of Crimea supported by the Federal center creates unprecedented conditions for the implementation of business ideas by providing investment sites, preferences and benefits. Let's create and develop Crimea together!