A special procedure for working with an investor
A land plot for the implementation of an investment project can be issued without a tender. A personal manager is attached to each investor, who accompanies you at every stage. Today, the region implements agreements on 182 investment projects totaling 127 billion rubles.
Free economic zone
Works in Crimea since 2015
Created for 25 years
Participants – 1 284
1 241 projects
implemented by SMEs
Declared – 128 billion rubles
Already invested – 85 billion rubles

Declared – 43 тысячи
Already created – 39 тысяч

Most popular industries
  • Construction
  • Production sector
  • Trade
  • Resorts and tourism
  • Agriculture

Tax incentives:
Reducing corporate tax rates
federal budget:
0% for 10 years
Crimea budget:
13,5 %

Exemption from corporate property tax for 10 years
3-year land tax exemption
Accelerated depreciation of own fixed assets.
Free customs zone
Exemption from customs duties and taxes
There are no prohibitions and restrictions on goods imported from countries of the Customs Union.

Non-tariff regulation measures are not applied to foreign goods used within the FEZ.
Financial support
Preferential microloans (for SMEs)
Up to 5 million rubles. for up to 36 months*
Sureties for loans in commercial banks**
  • up to 70% of liabilities (up to a maximum of 25 million rubles);
  • the amount of remuneration is 1 - 1.25%;
  • bank guarantees for up to 2 years, remuneration 0.5-1%;
  • the provision of equipment on lease up to 7 years, the rate from 6 to 8%.
  • the initial age is from 0 to 49%.
*Interest rate on a microloan - not more than the key rate of the Bank of Russia set at the date of conclusion of the microloan agreement. Support is provided through the Microfinance Entrepreneurship Fund of the Republic of Crimea.

**through the Crimean guarantee fund for entrepreneurship support
The list of regulations in the field of investment policy of the Republic of Crimea
Draft agreement on the selection of investment sites IP